CAF 90 天通知账户


This deposit account is provided by Scottish Widows Bank and introduced by CAF Financial Solutions Ltd, and is part of a range of deposit accounts available through CAF, exclusively for charitable organisations.


  • 开始节省10,000英镑
  • get access to your cash with 90 days’ notice 1
  • 从英国客户服务团队获得帮助
  • 知道 CAF Financial Solutions Limited 的任何利润都会再投资到慈善部门

1You can ask to access your money sooner, but you’ll lose the equivalent of 90 days’ Gross interest on the amount withdrawn if Scottish Widows Bank agrees to early withdrawal or closure.





提前 90 天通知并将您的钱转入指定的活期账户。


Account name
CAF 别错过bob中国体育在线(2023全新爆料)
What is the interest rate?
The interest rate is variable. The current annual rate is shown in the table below.

Balance Gross1 rate/AER2
 £500+  0.70%

  • 您可以选择每月支付的利息,帐户每季度或每年一次。
  • 每月利息支付仅适用于至少 50,000 英镑的余额。
  • 利息是根据您的每日余额计算的。
  • 利息可以支付到此帐户,或者如果帐户余额高于£2,500,转入您在申请表上指定的英国账户。
Can Scottish Widows Bank change the rate?
Yes. We can move the interest rate up or down at any time. The terms and conditions explain how and when we will do this.
What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £10,000 deposit?


Initial deposit Gross1 Rate/AER2 Balance at 12 months
 £10,000  0.70%  £10,070

This is an illustrative example assuming that:
  • 您不提取或存入任何额外的钱。
  • 利率保持不变,每年支付一次。
  • 利息是根据完整 12 个月的已清算存款计算的。
How do I open and manage my account?
  • 您可以通过打印我们的在线申请表并将其发布到储蓄和投资服务,CAF Financial Solutions 来开户Limited, 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA。
  • The product is only available to charitable organisations3.
  • 最低初始存款为 10,000 英镑。
  • 最低账户余额为 500 英镑。
  • 账户的额外付款必须至少为 100 英镑。
  • 账户余额不能超过 5,000,000 英镑。
  • 您可以通过电话或邮寄方式管理账户。
  • 您可以设置直接借记指定的英国账户在每个日历月存入该账户,或向申请表上指定的英国活期账户发送支票。
Can I withdraw money?
  • 是的,您可以从该账户提款至申请表上指定的英国账户。
  • 个人提款必须至少£100 d 要求提前 90 天以邮寄或电话方式发出通知。
  • If you ask us to withdraw from or close the account with less than 90 days notice and we agree, we will deduct the equivalent of 90 days Gross1 interest on the amount withdrawn.
Additional information
  • 您可以随时关闭此帐户,需要提前 90 天通知。
  • 自开户之日起有 14 天的取消期,在此期间可以免费关闭帐户。
  • Interest is paid Gross1.
  • Please read this summary in conjunction with the CAF 别错过bob中国体育在线(2023全新爆料) terms and conditions.






  • Are there any account limits on a CAF 别错过bob中国体育在线(2023全新爆料)?
    • 您可以用 10,000 英镑开立账户。
    • 账户余额最高为 500 万英镑。
    • 存入账户的款项必须至少为100 英镑。
  • 谁是 Scottish Widows Bank?

    Scottish Widows Bank 是 Lloyds Bank plc 的商号,隶属于 Lloyds Banking Group。他们成立于 1995 年,通过一系列贷款和储蓄产品满足英国企业和个人的需求。

    注册办公地址:25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN。在英格兰和威尔士注册,没有。 2065. 经审慎监管局授权,并受金融行为监管局和审慎监管局监管,编号为 119278。

  • How do we withdraw money from a CAF 别错过bob中国体育在线(2023全新爆料)?

    提款可存入您指定的英国银行账户,但需提前 90 天通知。如果您要求我们在提前 90 天通知的情况下提款或关闭账户,并且我们同意,我们将扣除相当于 90 天总*利息的提款金额。

    You can make a withdrawal by writing to Scottish Widows Bank, PO Box 12757, 67 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8YJ or by calling 0345 845 0829.

  • CAF Financial Solutions Ltd (CFSL) 是否从 Scottish Widows Bank 收取佣金?

    每年 Scottish Widows Bank 将向 CAF Financial Solutions Ltd (CFSL) 支付相当于您的资产价值 0.1% 的捐款存款。



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Earn interest with only 60 days' notice


由 Shawbrook Bank Limited 提供,这是一种从您的资金中获得更多收益的好方法,只需提前 60 天通知。

Work your money while it's locked away


由 Shawbrook Bank Limited 提供,让您的资金在工作的同时努力工作它被锁起来了。

Earn interest on your charity's money

CAF 1年定期存款账户

由苏格兰寡妇银行提供,在您的钱被安全地锁起来的同时赚取 1 年的固定利息。

Manage your charity's banking



关于CAF Cash


Your eligible deposits with Lloyds Bank plc are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. This limit is applied to the total of any deposits you have with the following: Lloyds Bank, Mayfair Private Banking, Lloyds Bank Private Banking, WorldWide Service and Scottish Widows Bank. 慈善机构 Aid Foundation savings accounts in association with Scottish Widows Bank are also deposits with Lloyds Bank plc. Any total deposits you hold above the limit between these brands are unlikely to be covered.

For more information on the scheme, 查看FSCS传单 or 访问FSCS网站.

FSCS 保护您的资金

This product is introduced by CAF Financial Solutions Ltd (CSFL) and provided by Scottish Widows Bank.

CAF Financial Solutions Limited (CFSL) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 189450. Authorisation can be checked on the financial services register at CFSL Registered office is 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA. Registered under number 2771873. CFSL is a subsidiary of 慈善机构 Aid Foundation (registered charity number 268369).

Scottish Widows Bank is a trading name of Lloyds Bank plc. 注册办公地址:25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN。在英格兰和威尔士注册,没有。 2065. 经审慎监管局授权,并受金融行为监管局和审慎监管局监管,编号为 119278。


1Gross means that interest will be paid without any deduction of tax. You are responsible for paying any tax due to HMRC.

2AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

3Charitable organisations means organisations that are (a) registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland or (b) recognised by HMRC to have charitable status in the UK.