Philippa Cornish

Philippa Cornish

Philippa joined 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in October 2017 as a senior manager in the corporate client team, overseeing the partnerships that are so key to our clients’ successful giving programmes, alongside managing a small client portfolio. She became head of the corporate client team in September 2021 and leads the whole proposition for our corporate audience, from the larger clients account managed by the team to the end-to-end service offered across the portfolio.

She joined CAF after 10 years in the commercial sector, initially at Thomson Reuters and more recently at TUI where she had several roles, and upon leaving was in group strategy, where she was responsible for five-year planning across numerous brands and markets. As a firm believer in the idea that businesses with purpose can take the lead in tackling pressing societal challenges, she moved to CAF to translate and channel her commercial experience into social good.


Lucy Mantella

Lucy Mantella

Lucy has over ten years’ experience in CAF’s corporate client team. She leads on our financial services portfolio and specialises in managing some of our largest and most complex giving programmes, including dormant assets and executive giving. Lucy is also part of the senior management team and holds responsibilities for team management, strategy and portfolio management.

Prior to joining CAF, Lucy was a public policy consultant at BOP Consulting for seven years.
Lucy looks after clients in the i投资 and retail banking sectors.
  • Katy Wood

    Katy Wood

    Katy 于 2016 年加入企业客户团队,担任公司客户经理,于 2021 年成为高级公司客户顾问和高级管理团队的一员。她领导 CAF 与制药、保险和娱乐行业的企业的关系,并专注于 CAF 的跨境捐赠和国际产品我们公司演说捐助者。

    在加入 CAF 之前,Katy 在扫盲慈善机构 The Reading Agency 管理企业合作伙伴计划,与出版业合作开展基于扫盲的计划,这激发了她对负责任的商业和社会影响的兴趣。

    Katy 负责娱乐行业的客户、保险、私人医疗保健和制药行业。
  • Laura Yonish

    Laura Yonish

    Laura joined the corporate client team at 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in February 2022. As well as leading our aerospace and defence, manufacturing and public sector client portfolios, Laura also oversees relationships with CAF partners and third party providers to provide a streamlined and efficient service for clients. She believes there’s no greater satisfaction than working with a client to bring an ambitious, innovative idea to life by providing the tools, expertise and industry connections to affect real, lasting social impact.

    Laura 在她的职业生涯中一直在第三部门工作,最近担任慈善机构 Hope and Homes for Children 价值数百万英镑的企业合作伙伴投资组合的客户经理。工作之余,Laura 也很自豪能够成为 Poundland 基金会的受托人,并且是城市学院鸣禽合唱团的成员。
    Laura 负责航空航天和国防、酒店、旅游和休闲、制造和工程领域的客户。
  • Samantha Reyes Ronso

    Samantha Reyes Ronso

    高级企业客户顾问 Impact Lead
    Samantha leads the impact advisory team at 慈善机构 Aid Foundation. She has over 16 years’ experience working with international companies in the UK and Latin America. 


    Prior to joining CAF, she was the programme manager at a UK human rights charity working to tackle the root causes of labour exploitation in the hospitality sector and ran her own CRS consultancy firm in Latin America where she worked with FMCGs, global banks and energy companies, among others.


  • Sarah Pissarra

    Sarah Pissarra


    Sarah joined 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in 2017 as a corporate client executive working across client portfolios. In 2020 she became a corporate advisor where she leads in providing advice and guidance on responsible business, charitable giving and employee engagement strategies to our professional services clients.

    Sarah 以解决方案为中心,对细节有敏锐的洞察力,并在翻译方面茁壮成长客户需要转化为有效的跨团队交付成果,这使她在 CAF 期间管理了几个复杂项目的交付。
    Sarah has a background in global health and policy and applies her learnings to keeping abreast of the ever-changing policy landscape in which our clients operate. Prior to joining CAF, she worked in the global team of a tele-radiology firm working to deliver critical after-hour reporting for hospitals across New Zealand and Australia.

  • Ema Hajradinovic

    Ema Hajradinovic

    Ema advises clients on the integration of their CSR programmes, sustainability initiatives, and community-led projects. As a people-oriented problem solver, she is passionate about creating a sustainable future.

    从她之前在 S&P Platts 和 Accenture 的工作中,Ema 对试图产生最大影响的组织所面临的行业和挑战有着独特的理解。她对为跨国公司和总部位于英国的公司制定创新战略有着浓厚的兴趣,并喜欢领导和提供一系列咨询项目,以帮助我们的客户将他们的承诺融入他们的目标并推动社会变革。

    Ema 在采掘业和公用事业以及零售和服装行业。
  • Hugo Lock

    Hugo Lock

    In his role as a corporate advisor, Hugo oversees CAF’s i投资 management and legal portfolio where he supports clients on their corporate giving journeys. Hugo enjoys working closely with his clients in designing, implementing and growing their giving programmes.

    在加入 CAF 之前曾在领导力发展领域工作,Hugo 了解组织需要实现其目标并与社区合作以推动可持续发展的未来

    在办公室之外,通常可以在水上或网球场上找到 Hugo。

    Hugo looks after clients in the i投资 management and legal sectors.
  • Ella Walker-Winslow

    Ella Walker-Winslow

    Ella joined 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in December 2021 and manages clients in the FMCG, property, technology and telecoms sectors. Ella is experienced in supporting businesses starting out on their corporate giving journey, through to those with well-established, multi-service, strategic programmes.

    Ella has worked for several charities in delivering community programmes and campaigns. Most recently she led sales and business development for The Ethical Property Company, a social business providing workspaces for purpose-led organisations. She brings to CAF her experience from both business and charities to deliver a holistic advisory service to her clients.
    Ella 负责快速消费品、媒体、科技和电信以及房地产和建筑行业的客户。
  • Ella Parker

    Ella Parker

    企业客户顾问 Impact
    Since joining 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in 2022, Ella has advised clients from a range of industry sectors on their impact and sustainability strategies. She is keen to support businesses articulate and realise their impact goals and loves seeing bold thinking brought to life.

    Ella 从第三部门来到 CAF,她专门负责环境和特殊教育项目的协调。她拥有伦敦大学环境与可持续发展硕士学位,对衡量社会影响的最佳实践方法以及支持企业 CSR 和可持续发展报告的方法特别感兴趣。


  • Luciano Della Mura

    Luciano Della Mura

    Luciano 在工作六年后于 2021 年加入 CAF 的企业客户团队跨越慈善机构和私营部门,最近毕业并获得了企业责任和可持续发展硕士学位。

    With experience in charity corporate partnerships, CSR integration, and international refugee aid work in Italy, his passion lies with sustainability, social purpose, and the alignment of ESG goals with business practices and strategy. Luciano firmly believes in the principles of responsible business and takes pride in helping organisations to understand their purpose, impact, and responsibility, whilst exploring innovative approaches to create meaningful change. 

    除了他面向客户的角色,Luciano 还作为环境委员会的主要成员领导 CAF 实现净零排放的雄心壮志。
    Luciano 的工作遍及所有行业。
  • Alana Williams

    Alana Williams

    Alana 于 2021 年 9 月加入 CAF 的企业客户团队,为所有行业的客户提供支持,帮助他们实现企业社会责任和慈善目标。她擅长管理与 CAF 的灵活福利提供商合作伙伴以及我们的共同客户的关系。 Alana 在客户服务领域拥有丰富的经验,在与广泛的利益相关者建立和维持成功的专业关系方面有着良好的记录。

    在加入 CAF 之前,她是一家数字营销机构的客户经理,负责监督 ASOS、Just Eat、Zoopla 和强生等客户的客户和项目管理。

    Alana 的工作涉及所有行业。
  • Kara Duffy

    Kara Duffy

    Kara joined 慈善机构 Aid Foundation in early 2021 as a corporate client executive, working with clients from a range of sectors to realise their giving strategies. She is committed to building strong relationships and working collaboratively to ensure the charities being supported are always at the heart of every endeavour.

    Kara 之前曾在财富管理行业工作,并在成为慈善委员会成员时发现了她对支持慈善机构的热情St James's Place,然后进入第三部门为 Whizz-Kidz 工作,直接支持他们的受益人。

    工作之余,她志愿支持难民,并且是世界的狂热探险家,与斯里兰卡、荷兰ds 和意大利在她最近的旅行中。

    Kara 在所有部门工作。
  • Ted Linsley

    Ted Linsley

    Ted joined 慈善机构 Aid Foundation at the start of 2022 and helps to manage a portfolio of complex corporate accounts across a number of industry sectors. Having come from a background in relationship management, he is a firm believer in collaboration and the vital role that people play in identifying and shaping corporate philanthropic purpose and strategy. Since joining the team, Ted has taken great interest in the work that we do with charities; heading up sessions to provide insights into various charities for teams and departments across CAF. 

    Ted 的工作遍及各个领域。